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NOW HIRING: Race Official

South Boston Speedway is seeking hard-working, knowledgeable and professional individuals to join their competition team as race officials. Race officials are responsible for the orderly conduct of competition during events and are vital to a fair and smooth-running event.

Job Duties:

-Inspect race vehicles per the South Boston Speedway Rule Book and NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series Rule Book.

-Work alongside competitors to conduct inspections and officiating tasks in a professional manner.

-Provide information and logistics help to competitors.

-Other duties as assigned.

-Have fun!


-Ability to adapt to a fast-changing environment.

-Problem solving.

-Automotive knowledge is a plus.

-Ability to use a computer with knowledge of spreadsheets a plus.

-Must be able to work as part of a large team.

-Purchasing a personal NASCAR track official license from NASCAR is required each year ($125 per year).

Work Schedule:

-Approximately 15 event days (14 Saturdays, one Friday).

-Event days are approximately seven-nine hour days.

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