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2012 Season Pure StockDivision
see also General Rules

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Competing Models:

  • 1972 - Present 4 Cylinder passenger cars. No pick-up trucks permitted. Only front or rear wheel drive cars permitted. No 4-wheel drive. No rotary engines. No turbo or super charge engines. No mid-engine cars. Automatic or manual transmissions permitted. NO Convertibles! All competing cars must have manual of vehicle type showing factory engine specifications.


  • Only totally Stock OEM 4 Cylinder for makes and model. Maximum overbore .040 must maintain OEM piston Styles. Only A/C compressor may be removed. No cosworth engines. No after market parts or ported or polishing parts permitted.
  • Aftermarket Radiator may be used. Must remain in stock location within the radiator support.
  • Factory Horsepower with driver
  • 89 Horsepower or less car must weigh 1600 lbs.
  • 90 Horsepower to 110 horsepower car must weigh 1900 lbs.
  • 111 Horsepower to 129 horsepower car must weigh 2100 lbs.
  • 130 Horsepower to 149 car must weigh 2400 lbs.
  • 149 and less horsepower must have 40 Right side percent and 60 Left side percent
  • 150 Horsepower or more must weigh 2600 lbs. 45 Right side percent and 55 left side percent.
  • Weight and Horsepower must be displayed on hood. (Mandatory)
  • $100.00 Claim Rule on computer.
  • No modifications of any stock parts not mentioned in the engine specifications to include vacuum lineage and air induction compartments.

Ride Height

  • Must be a minimum 4 ½ inches with driver in car.
  • All cars must have stock manifolds only (NO Performance Mufflers). Exhaust pipe must match manifold outlet size. No headers stock or aftermarket.
  • Trunk and hood must have at least (2) hood pins.
  • Body must remain stock and must be made of steel. Fenders cannot be cut for tire clearance. Fenders cannot be cut for tire clearance. Wheel wells must remain stock and intact. Headlights and parking lenses must be removed and openings fill completely with sheet metal. All bumpers must remain stock. Only stock firewall and floor pan in stock location permitted. Trunk area must remain stock. Inner door panels can be removed. Fabricated dashboards are permitted, but must remain full and in stock location. All glass must be removed, including windshield. Lexan windshield and rear glass must be installed with two inside support straps, bolted (not riveted). Stock steering column only. Locking steering mechanism must be removed. All steering wheels must be magnetic and equipped with a quick release coupling. Approved window net must be installed on the driver's side and must release from the top. Maximum rear spoiler 5" tall and width of trunk. All spoilers must be at rear of car.
  • A minimum 6-point roll cage required, all roll cages must be acceptable to track officials. 1 3/4 OD; .095" thick. All cars must have a minimum of 4-left side door bars and 3-right side door bars. No straight door bars permitted. Rear hoop bar around fuel cell/gas tank mandatory, in trunk area. Need to be 1 ¾ “ OD; .095” thickness required. Optional to run Hoop bar from strut tower to strut tower in front and rear.
  • Rear hoop bar mandatory around fuel cell/gas tank in trunk area. Need to be 1 ¾ "OD; .095" thickness required.
  • Fuel cell required. Maximum volume 8 gallons. Installed in truck area and centered in frame.
  • No off setting of fuel cell.
  • Fuel injected cars may use stock gas tank and must run less than 1/2 capacity. Fuel line cannot run through driver's compartment.
  • A reinforcement bar minimum 1 ½ inches in diameter and with a minimum wall thickness of 0.083 inches magnetic steel tubing. Must extend below the rear frame section behind the fuel cell /fuel tank. This reinforcement bar must be attached to the rear frame rails on both left and right side. The reinforcement bar must be as wide as the rear frame rails and extend as low as the bottom of the fuel cell/fuel tank with two vertical uprights.
  • Five-point or more racing harness mandatory. No older than five (5) years.
  • Approved racing type aluminum seats mandatory. No seat may be attached to the floorboard. Seats must have approved type frame.
  • Battery must be mounted in driver compartment, enclosed in steel box with lid.
  • A working fire extinguisher with gauge required, visible to official. Must be solid mounted. See General Rules.
  • Fuel cell required. Maximum volume 8 gallons. Fuel injected cars may use stock tank and must run less and 1/2 capacity. Fuel line cannot run through driver's compartment. Hoop bar and rear fire wall mandatory.
  • Only stock suspension parts permitted. Stock springs must be equal in dimensions left to right plus or minus ¼ inch in height. No cutting or lightening of suspension parts permitted including springs. No racing shocks. Brakes must remain stock. No brake bias adjusters allowed. Strut brackets cannot be altered in anyway. Two-degree camber permitted on right rear and six-degree camber on right front with driver in car. Wheelbase must remain stock plus or minus ½ inch.
  • $150.00 Claiming Rule per strut assembly. (Example shock and spring)
  • No locked or posi-traction rear ends permitted. Rear ends must remain stock. Spider gears may not be welded. Differential must be open. No LSD will be permitted on front wheel drive.
  • After market steel wheels permitted
  • 2-way working radios are mandatory. Spotter’s mandatory in spotters tower. See General Rules
  • All components not listed must be factory OEM parts.
  • Enclosed trailers not permitted.
  • Officials retain the right to approve or disapprove rules not listed above.
  • OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer
  • Toe Hooks must be install on front horns, in front of radiator support by using a 3/8” dia. Steel chain or a 3/8” dia. Rod (loop) and bolted or welded in place. Toe hooks must be install in trunk area near the rear of car using same type hook as on the front of car.


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