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2012 Season Limited Sportsman Division
see also General Rules

· Changes in RED

Competing Models:
The following cars are eligible for competition 1999-2011

2006 Steel Body Panels with plastic type fenders:

  • Front and rear bumper covers are approved.

Eligible 2007-2011 Composite Bodies

  • The bodies must contain the approved composite roof and components.
  • Approved composite fenders, quarters, front and rear bumpers covers, and hood.
  • Approved door and deck lid must be steel or aluminum.
  • All cars must compete with a 105" wheelbase. When measuring wheelbase, one side measurement must be 105" wheelbase.
  • Maximum allowable tolerance cannot exceed ½" plus or minus on the other side. In order to obtain the 105" wheelbase, the front and rear wheels must be moved an equal distance.

Claiming Rule

  • Price of Claiming Engine $5000.00
  • A Competitor may claim another Competitors Engine at any time.
  • Claiming rule will follow the same procedures as a protest, relevant to time and method of payment.
  • Refer to General Rules.

Car Bodies:

  • Body specifications-body must have stock appearance.
  • All body panels must be steel except for NASCAR approved rubber noses.
  • Body should conform to NASCAR LMSC rules.

Detailed Car Body Requirements:

  • Front spoilers must maintain a minimum ground clearance of 4".
  • Rear spoilers cannot be wider than 54" and centered on trunk lid. No lips or bends allowed. All spoilers must be a maximum of 39" measured from the ground to the top of the spoiler. Maximum height 5".
  • Minimum roof height of 48" to be measured at center of roof 10" back from windshield.

Overall Car Weight:

  • All cars will maintain a minimum total car weight of 3100 lbs. Right side minimum 1400 lbs.
  • All add in weight must be painted white and stamped with car number on all sides. Added weight must be in blocks of no less than five lbs. All added weight must be securely fastened with ½" bolts and lock nuts. No tie wrapping or taping permitted. Any weight that falls off racecar while on racetrack will be fined $250.00.
  • Any unattached weight found in car after qualifying or after event will be an automatic disqualification of times and or event.
  • Refer to General Rules


  • All cars must be equipped with full front and rear windshield.
  • Windshield must be replaced by Lexan 3/16 inch thick.
  • Full windshields required in stock location.
  • Three support bars must be installed behind Lexan in center of windshield and be made of steel.
  • Lexan must be used as rear window.
  • Two straps 1 inch wide must be installed on outside of rear window.
  • Quarter windows can be covered with CLEAR lexan only.


  • All cars must have a complete dashboard.
  • Electrical Master shut off switch must be mounted center of dash.
  • Electrical Master shut off switch must be clearly labeled with on and off.


  • Fabricated firewalls permitted but must be complete from top rail to bottom of windshield, side to side. Must be 22 gauge steel (must be welded) no rivets permitted.
  • All cars must have full firewall of steel, welded and not pop riveted, no aluminum.
  • Full sheet metal minimum 20 gauge required on rear firewall and inside of trunk compartment.


  • Doors shall be attached in an approved manner. Door panels must maintain the same accent lines and configuration as a standard door.

Fenders & Quarter Panels & Rocker Panels:

  • When cutting the fenders or quarters panels for tire clearance, original tire opening contours must be followed. Maximum 10 inch opening from edge of wheel to edge of fender and/or quarter panel.
  • Maximum width between the rocker panels will be 68 inches measured at any given point between the front and rear tires.


  • Grilles may be covered with two layers of unpainted screen wire attached to grille only.
  • Screen wire mesh must be porous.
  • Closed grilles for racing not permitted.
  • Closed grilles for qualifying optional.


  • Hoods may be made of reinforced fiberglass or plastic, but must maintain stock configuration.
  • Hoods must lay flat. No bows or bubbles in center.
  • Hoods must seal to the windshield with no holes or openings for air in cowl or hood of any kind.
  • Mandatory 3 magnetic hood pins across front of hood.

Rear Deck Lids/Trunks:

  • Rear deck lid must be in operating condition.
  • Deck lid must have complete set of pins.
  • Trunk around fuel cell must be complete.


  • Refer to NASCAR LMSC Rule Book

Identification and Markings:


  • P/N 88958603 (Limited Crate Engine)


  • Refer to LMSC rulebook. Tracks option 500 HP
  • Holly 390 CFM (4) Barrel part #0-80507-1
    • No modifications: must be stock out of box. The only alterations permitted are: The power valve size may be changed, and the jet size may be changed.
    • All air leaks must be sealed.
    • The bottom of the air filter housing must be lower or equal to the top of the carburetor vent tubes.
    • No spacer plate allowed. Carburetor must be bolted directly to the intake manifold.
    • No spacer between air cleaner base and carburetor.
    • Both spray pumps must be operational.

Carburetor Spacer 500 HP Only:

  • Only a one piece solid aluminum spacer, ¾ inch thick may be installed between intake and carburetor.
  • The spacer must be centered on the intake manifold and have two holes with a 1 ½ inch opening located in the center that match the base of the carburetor. No taper or bevels or any modifications permitted.
  • A one-piece paper gasket maximum .065 thick must be installed between carburetor and spacer. A one-piece paper gasket maximum .065 thick must be installed between the spacer and intake manifold.

Air Cleaner:

  • Air cleaners cannot be removed during practice or competition.
  • Only round air cleaner minimum 12 inches, maximum 17 inches in diameter will be permitted maximum 4" high.
  • Only dry type paper elements permitted.
  • All air shall be filtered through element.
  • Top and bottom must be metal or aluminum with no holes.
  • No shield permitted.
  • Diameter of air cleaner top and bottom must be the same with no lip
  • Bottom of air cleaner must be below choke horn of carburetor.
  • No tubes, funnels or any device, which may control the flow of air, is permitted inside the air cleaner and carburetor.

Electrical Systems:

  • All electronic distributors must be stock type housings, equipped with a magnetic pickup, gear driven, and mounted in the stock location.
  • Single or dual point camshaft driven distributors will be permitted.
  • Only one (1) ignition coil will be permitted and it must be mounted on. The engine side of the firewall.
  • Amplifier box will not be permitted.
  • MSD box optional.
  • Pick up type distributor allowed. (2 wire only, 1 ignition to coil, 1 distributor to coil)
  • No REV limiters permitted or provision for REV limiters permitted.


  • Only standard steel fan with a minimum of four blades shall be permitted.
  • Minimum diameter of fan shall be no less than 14 inches for steel fans.
  • Fan blades shall be a minimum of 31/2 inches wide.
  • No flat or free wheeling fan permitted.
  • Electronic fans optional.
  • A fan shroud must be installed and extend 1 inch behind the fan blades.
  • Fans will not be allowed to be changed after qualifying.

Engine Oiling System:

  • Oil pans must be made of steel and must be approved by track officials.
  • No kick outs are permitted between the bolt on flange and the top of the added sump.

Exhaust System:

  • Headers optional (Refer to LMS rule book.)
  • When the two exhaust pipe into one system is being used all exhaust pipes must be routed beneath the transmission and exit to the outside of the car behind the driver and in front of the rear wheels only.

Drive Train:

  • 5 ½" or 7 ¼" clutch and pressure plate are permitted. NO aluminum pressure plates allowed.
  • Hydraulic slave cylinders and hydraulic release bearings allowed.
  • No paddle button clutch.
  • No poly carbon components permitted.


  • Flywheel must be steel or cast iron. No aluminum flywheels permitted.
  • Flywheel must be original in configuration in all respects for make and model of car.
  • Flywheel may not be lightened by cutting, grinding or drilling.
  • Refer to NASCAR rule book Section 20F-10.2.


  • Only standard OEM type starters may be used. Gear driven starter allowed.
  • Starter must mount in original mounting position.

Bell Housing:




Drive Shaft:


Rear axle:

  • Basic rear end housing must retain production design. Locked rear ends permitted. Full floater rear ends permitted.
  • Only steel axle housings permitted.
  • The center of the rear end housings must be within ½ inch of the centerline of the tread width front and rear.
  • Quick-change rear end permitted.
  • No cambered rear ends permitted.


  • All wheels must be 15 inches in diameter and a maximum of 10 inch in width.
  • All wheels must maintain same offset.
  • All wheels must be one piece and made of steel. No bead lock wheels permitted.
  • Heavy-duty steel lug bolts and nuts must be used and 5/8 mandatory in size.
  • No bleeder valves permitted.


  • Only track approved tires permitted. Tires purchased any other time other than raceday are not track-approved tires.
  • All competitors must leave two tires in impound that have been used in competition after each race, identified with car number.
  • Must purchase two new tires every race or leave four tires in impound area that competitor ran that night and would not have to purchase tires the next week. If four tires are left in impound area you must run those four tires the next event.
  • Visiting cars will be allowed to purchase two new tires and two scuff tires from the speedway.
  • Any tires found to be chemically treated, "soaked" will result in immediate disqualification and driver forfeiting purse money, points, and subject to fine for that event.
  • Track official has final approval.


  • No holes may be cut in frames to lighten. All frames are subject to NASCAR officials for approval. Any frames rejected by NASCAR officials for showing poor workmanship will not be approved until necessary corrections have been made.
  • Frames may only be altered for the installation of springs, shocks, and for clearance of wheels and tires.
  • A tubular steel frame can be used.
  • The front snout, beginning a minimum of 22 inches rearward of the centerline of front spindle and extending forward to in front of the radiator may be stock.
  • A tubular front snout may be used if built by specifications in NASCAR LMSC rulebook.
  • The distance from the outside edge of the frame rails, left and right must be the same measured from the centerline of the tread width, front and rear. No weight boxes may be added on exterior of frame rails.
  • When measured from the outside edge of the left side frame to the outside edge of the right side rail, a minimum width of 57 inches and maximum width of 64 inches must be maintained on all frames. No weight boxes may be added on exterior of the frame rails. (Tube min. 2 x 3 .120 thick, max. 3 x 4 .120 thick).
  • A minimum ground clearance of 4 inches must be maintained on any part or the frame.


  • Spring Shocks: Refer to NASCAR LMSC Rule Book
  • Weight jacks permitted.
  • No traction bars or additional linkages permitted.
  • Three point hookup permitted.
  • No hydraulic or mechanical weight shifting devices permitted.
  • Long trailing arms permitted. (Refer to LMSC rule Book)
  • Monoballs or rubber bushings permitted in trailing arms with both sides being the same, however no heim joints or adjustable type rod ends permitted.
  • Trailing arms may be either passenger car type or pickup truck type and length. Fabricated trailing arms permitted using a minimum of 2 inch x 3 inch steel box tubing a minimum of 120 thick for long arms or 1 ¼ inches by 2 inches steel box tubing a minimum of 120 thick for short arms.

Tread Width Requirements:

  • Steel spacers may be used to utilize maximum allowable tread width. Spacers if used must be the same left and right however, front and rear do not have to agree. Maximum thickness ½ inches per wheel.
  • Cars must not exceed the maximum allowable tread width front and rear measured at center of tire, zero toe in, at spindle height.
  • Tread width: maximum 64.5 inches.

Ground Clearance Requirements:

  • Frames, rails, chassis, and all sheet metal clearance with driver in car 4 inches.
  • Front spoiler clearance 4 inches.
  • All suspension parts, 4 inches.
  • Exhaust pipes, 3 inches.

Steering Components:

  • Quick release mechanism magnetic.
  • Magnetic steel steering wheel only.
  • Collapsible steering shaft mandatory.


  • Magnetic steel spindles only.
  • No offset spindles of any type.
  • Refer to LMSC rules.

Brake Components:

  • Any interchangeable brake and hub assembly permitted.
  • Any disc brake with stock type calipers will be allowed on front with single piston caliper only. Brakes must be installed on all four wheels.
  • Only cast type of cast steel rotors, minimum ¾ inch thick allowed.
  • Master cylinders and reservoirs must be mounted on engine side of firewall.
  • No floating calipers permitted.

Fuel & Fuel Tanks:

  • NASCAR approved fuel cell required.
  • Capacity not to exceed 22 gallons
  • Fuel Cell must be in center of frame rails.
  • Fuel filler neck and vent line must be equipped with NASCAR approved check valve or flapper valve.
  • Only rectangular fuel cells will be considered for approval.
  • Fuel cell must be moved into rear deck space and mounted as close as possible.
  • For fuel cell installation guidelines consult rear of NASCAR rulebook.
  • All fuel lines must run under bottom of body or be enclosed in steel conduit.
  • No electric fuel pumps or pressure systems permitted.
  • Track fuel required. No additives allowed.
  • Refer to NASCAR LMSC rulebook.


  • Roll Bars
  • Consult NASCAR rulebook LMSC rules for roll bar guidelines.


  • Aluminum seats are permitted. Positively no homemade seats are permitted. Seats must be installed in approved manner.
  • Refer to NASCAR LMSC rulebook.

Seat Belts:

  • Quick release seat belts and shoulder harness no less than 3 inches wide is mandatory. Crotch belt is required.
  • All seat belts must be fastened to roll cage not to floorboard by no less than 3/8-inch aircraft bolts.
  • No Y-belts. Single belts only.
  • Seat Belts can be no more than 3 years old.

Window Net:

  • Approved nylon window net must be installed on the driver's window.
  • Window net must release from the top with an approved type fastener.
  • Refer to LMSC rules.
  • Window nets can be no more than 3 years old.

Fire Control:

  • All cars must be equipped with an approved fire extinguisher.
  • Dry chemical gas approved. Must be ABC.
  • Bottle must be mounted to right side of seat or rear of seat and gauge must be visible to officials at all times.

Protests & Appeals:



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