Whether you're a first-time fan or seasoned veteran of South Boston Speedway, we want to make sure you're well-informed with plenty of important information for your visit. We pride ourselves on being a clean, friendly and fun facility for our guests and look forward to serving you.

Fan Guide


Prohibited Items

For the safety and enjoyment of you and other guests, there are certain items that we ask you not to bring inside the facility.

  • Firearms and other weapons
  • Fireworks
  • Drones
  • Glass
  • Unauthorized ATVs, golf carts, etc.
  • Illegal substances (drugs, etc.)
  • Offensive signage

Pit Passes (General Info & Minor Pit Passes)

Individuals outside of a race team can purchase pit passes from a pit booth outside of Turn 2. Individuals must be 20 years or older, unless accompanied by a guardian (a minor release form must be filled out for individuals under the age of 20). Please keep in mind the minor release form must be filled out in front of a track representative or official notary. All individuals entering the infield must sign a waiver and other appropriate documentation. Download the minor release form here

Refreshments / Concessions / Alcohol / Coolers

Refreshments: Home of the world-famous bologna burgers! A bologna burger so famous it has its own Twitter account and webpage. We have many different concessions stands on property with great food and drinks. Alcohol is served on property for guests 21 and older. We ID. Coolers: Bringing your own cooler is permitted. For the grandstand/general seating areas, we ask that coolers not be over 14 inches. No glass permitted in any coolers.

Payment Methods

We accept the following payment methods online/over the phone/in-peron:

  • Cash
  • Debit card
  • Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover)
Race Day Specifics:
  • On race day, the only ticket booth that accepts credit/debit is the main frontstretch booth. Refreshment stands are cash only.
*We do not accept American Express or personal checks at the concession stands or ticket booths.

Smoking Policy

Open Areas: Please respect your fellow guests by smoking in open areas away from others. This includes the grandstands, and lines at the concession stands and ticket booths. Enclosed Areas: Smoking is NOT PERMITTED in enclosed areas (suites, restrooms, etc.). When smoking, please move away from buildings and smoke in open areas away from other guests. Infield: Smoking is NOT PERMITTED near the fuel area or anywhere fueling is taking place, infield concession stand or restrooms.

For the Kids

We are an extremely family-friendly venue and offer numerous free things for children to enjoy.

  • Playground
  • Kids club with weekly activities - COMING SOON!
  • Kids activities (Power Wheels and bicycle races, etc.)

First-Time Visitors

Are you a first-time visitor? Awesome -- we're so glad to have you! What to expect:

  • You should expect an action-packed, high-octane family fun time!
What a race day is like:
  • Visit our schedule page for full details on race day timings
  • Our ticket booth gates open just before qualifying
  • You can purchase tickets online in advance, over the phone in advance or at a ticket booth on race day. We accept cash or debit/credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover).
  • Once you purchase your tickets, you'll go through the gates and be ready for a fun time!
Visit the rest of our FAQ section for more information, and feel free to contact us.

How is COVID-19 affecting the Speedway?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many things around the track will look different when we begin the 2021 season.

Ticketing / Capacity Limits:

  • Offering advance tickets online and over-the-phone.
  • Limiting capacity in accordance with mandates from the Commonwealth of Virginia

Social Distancing / Face Coverings:

  • Placing social distancing markers throughout the facility. Asking parties only to interact with those who they came to the track with.
  • Directing pedestrian traffic flow at gates, restrooms, refreshment stands, etc. to a one-way manner.
  • Requiring face coverings for all at the facility unless there is a health reason.


  • Deploying additional sanitizers throughout the facility and enhancing sanitizing measures.

Refreshment Stand Limitations:

  • Due to a limited capacity, the refreshment stands will have a menu focused on fewer items. Don’t worry – those world-famous bologna burgers will still be on the grill!

See the full fan guidelines here.

What are the race day schedules? How long do races last?

All races are scheduled on Saturdays. Day races begin with a 2:00 PM green flag and night races with a 7:00 PM green flag. You can see the full season schedule and individual race day schedules on the schedule page. From the first green flag of the event to the final checkered flag, events generally last around three hours and generally include four to five races.

Is capacity currently limited? What are the capacity limits?

Yes, due to COVID-19, the Commonwealth of Virginia has limited capacity at sporting venues to 30% of the venue's capacity.


Grandstands: Our facility offers a main aluminum grandstand on the frontstretch and other aluminum grandstands in Turns 1 and 4. Fans can bring seat cushions/stadium chairs, but the grandstands do not accommodate lawn chairs. Bring-Your-Own: Fans can bring their own fold-out/lawn chair style chairs and sit along Turns 1 and 2 and Turns 3 and 4. See the maps below on this page for more information.

General Ticket Info / Pricing

South Boston Speedway offers numerous ways to accommodate guests with their ticketing needs. Advance Ticketing: Advance ticketing is the most convenient option we offer. You can order online (the best option) or over the phone. Advance tickets are cheaper and the best way to guarantee you get a ticket during this time with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Advance tickets may be limited due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Advance tickets do have a $1.50 fee per ticket but are still cheaper than race day tickets. At the Gate: Tickets are also available for sale at the gate. At the gate tickets are a little more expensive than advance tickets. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, tickets at the gate may be limited.

Buying Advance Tickets (Online / Over-the-Phone)

Beginning with the 2021 season, we are selling tickets online. You can buy tickets online by clicking BUY TICKETS at the top of the page. Online advance tickets are cheaper than tickets at the track on race day but you are welcome to buy at a ticket booth on property (providing there is availability. Buying tickets online is easy. All you have to do is select what event you want to buy your tickets for, select the number of tickets you need and checkout. When you get to the track, there's no need to wait in line at the ticket booth. You simply walk through the gate, get your ticket scanned and enter the facility. You can also buy tickets in advance over the phone by calling the office at (877) 440-1540. These tickets are treated the same as online tickets and all you need to do is get scanned in without waiting at the ticket booth.

How do I manage my ticket account? How do I find my purchased tickets online?

You can manage your South Boston Speedway ticket account -- including buying new tickets, downloading current tickets, seeing past purchases and more by clicking here.

I purchased tickets online. Do I have to print them?

No, if you purchased tickets online and chose the mobile/print-at-home option, you don't have to print tickets. You can add those tickets to your mobile device. Please note that you cannot use the PDF that is in your ticket confimation email -- you must add them to your mobile device, as the PDF attachment will not scan on your mobile device. Apple Users: Non-Apple Users:

I purchased a ticket or gift certificate last year, can I use those still?

​​​​​​Yes! If you purchased a ticket or gift certificate through us last year, we certainly want to take care of that for you. We cannot take gift certificates for online orders. Gift certificates must be used at the track. We will exchange any tickets purchased from last year for new tickets for an event of similar value. Please call the office in advance at (434) 572-4947 to exchange your tickets. We ask that you please plan not to use these on race day. We are not exchanging any complimentary tickets that may have been handed out from radio stations or a similar source.

Buying Suite Passes

For most events, we offer tickets for sale in our climate-controlled frontstretch suite. Suite tickets are sold at-track on race day only at this time.

Trackside Tailgating

We offer numerous trackside tailgating spots (backstretch/Turns 3 and 4) where fans can park their vehicles and watch the races from a reserved tailgate area. NOTE: Trackside tailgating spots are sold on a seasonal basis an are sold out at this time. Please contact us to be added to the waitlist. For full information on trackside tailgating, please click below to see the policies. Click here for tailgate policies.

Group Rates / Company Outings

We are happy to welcome your large gatherings/group outing/company outing to our events. Whether it be in our grandstands, a climate-controlled suite or outside, we have the room to make it happen. Please contact us in advance so that we can plan for your group and be able to best accommodate them.

Facility Maps

Get to know our facility by taking a look at the maps below. Click on a map to enlarge the image.