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South Boston Speedway launches new website

New website features modern design, optimized for all devices, mobile ticketing capabilities

South Boston, Va. (Feb. 1, 2021) – South Boston Speedway officials are launching a new website for the speedway, a website with a modern look designed for ease of navigation and optimized for compatibility for viewing with any device.

The new website features modern design and graphic elements that will provide a fresher, cleaner look and make it easier for fans and competitors alike to find the information they are looking for. It also provides mobile ticketing capability for online ticket sales.

Fans, competitors and speedway partners will be able to access the new website in the same manner they have previously accessed the speedway’s website.

“We are very excited about the launch of our new website,” said South Boston Speedway General Manager Cathy Rice. “It has been quite a while since we have changed the look of our website. The new design has a totally new and exciting look and is much easier to navigate and use. We have updated and added to the information that can be found on our website, making it more informative and useful for our sponsors, fans and competitors alike.”

South Boston Speedway Assistant General Manager Chase Brashears and Assistant Office Manager Carly Brashears spearheaded the project of creating the speedway’s new website. One of the key features of the new website is new-age technology.

“Making the website more mobile-friendly is a key part of what we have done with the new website,” Chase Brashears explained. “The site will be automatic to whatever device you are using, whether it be a computer, tablet or phone.”

Carly Brashears points out the new website will enhance the speedway’s marketing capabilities.

“We will be pushing on-line marketing, something that will be a relatively new push for the speedway,” she said. “The new website will give us the capability to do new things with our partners and provide a higher level of service to our partners, fans and competitors.”

Another key component of the new website is that it will provide the capability for on-line ticket sales and on-line merchandise sales.

“When we activate the on-line ticket component fans will be able to place orders for advance tickets to our events online and won’t have to stand in line at the ticket booth,” Chase Brashears noted. “That capability provides a contact-free option for our fans.”

Other key facets of the new website are that it will be easier to use and navigate. All information on the website has been reviewed and updated and new additional information has been added.

“There is more information on the new website,” Chase Brashears said, “and new capabilities that we have incorporated into the website will allow us to put out more real-time information and make information available quicker.”

Chase Brashears said he started working on South Boston Speedway’s new website in December.

“A lot of the ideas, technologies and capabilities we have incorporated into the South Boston Speedway website came from the website of Pocono Raceway, our sister track,” Brashears pointed out. “We wanted to develop a new website with a sleek, modern and simple look that would be user-friendly across all devices and platforms, one that provides us with the newest technologies necessary for on-line ticket and merchandise sales, and one that is easy to navigate and provide the information that our partners, fans and competitors need and look for.

“The website is a key component of our digital platform,” he added. “A quality website is essential if you want to be relevant in today’s world.”

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