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South Boston Speedway partners with HTL Technologies on revolutionary track drying initiative

Propane Education & Research Council, Davenport Energy and DRP Performance Products sign as premier partners of initiative

SOUTH BOSTON, Va. (March 20, 2023) -- Rain and wet conditions that cause delays in events are a problem for many speedways and motorsports facilities. South Boston Speedway is now in a much better position to deal with those things thanks to a new track-drying resource.

The speedway has partnered with HTL Technologies to acquire a propane-powered track dryer known as The Track Dryer.

While The Track Dryer has been deployed at other motorsports venues throughout the country, South Boston Speedway is the first to acquire one for full-time use. The propane-powered track dryer will significantly reduce the amount of time it takes speedway track services team personnel to dry the track following sudden rain showers and pop-up thunderstorms as well as aid in track surface preparation.

“We’re excited about this partnership with HTL Technologies to acquire this revolutionary piece of equipment to aid our track services team in track drying and other surface prep work,” said South Boston Speedway General Manager Chase Brashears. “It has been great to work alongside HTL. They have developed something that can truly be of great benefit to racetracks all over that runs on green energy.”

HTL Technologies General Manager Cody Hensley is also excited about the partnership.

“We have been looking for a permanent spot in the racing industry since we first started HTL, and we are excited for the opportunity to partner with South Boston Speedway,” Hensley explained. “The team at SoBo has been instrumental in the development and improvement of our track drying equipment. As we unveil new Track Dryer models, Chase (Brashears) and his staff will most certainly be involved.”

The Track Dryer runs on liquid propane gas, which is efficient and better for the environment than some other traditional fossil fuels. The unit’s multi-hour runtime is something revolutionary in the realm of track drying equipment.

HTL Technologies, a family-owned company from Hustonville, KY, is a leader in industrial burner technology. The company produces burners for railroad, highway, agriculture, and other industrial uses. It developed the first generation of The Track Dryer some years ago and has been refining the product ever since. You can find out more at

Partnerships with Davenport Energy, the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC), and DRP Performance all of whom are premier partners, make the new initiative possible.

“Partnerships are a cornerstone of the speedway’s operation,” Brashears pointed out, “and we are extremely appreciative of Davenport Energy, PERC, and DRP Performance Products for making this happen.”

Davenport Energy, a diversified provider of petroleum products to residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural customers and convenience stores across Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Tennessee, is the speedway’s Official Propane Supplier and a green energy partner. The company has been a partner at South Boston Speedway for many years.

“Davenport Energy has a great opportunity to partner with South Boston Speedway by introducing this propane-powered track dryer – the first of its kind to be adopted full-time onto an asphalt oval racetrack,” said Joe Pennesi, director of operations for Davenport Energy.

“This is truly exciting for our team because it helps educate people on just how versatile propane is as an energy source and, on top of that, a green fuel. We're proud to have a viable role in this partnership with South Boston Speedway and be part of propane’s introduction to the racing industry.”

PERC, a non-profit organization that promotes educational and training resources on propane, is a group funded by the nationwide propane industry.

DRP Performance Products, the speedway’s race tire vendor, is known throughout the racing industry for its years of supplying race tires to racers in the region. It is also a manufacturer of performance products that are sold nationwide.

“We are excited to partner with South Boston Speedway on this exciting new technology,” said Lynnie Doughton, chief steward, DRP Performance Products. “Getting the track dried faster means completing more events which is a huge cost savings for our customers. Nobody likes going through all the work and expense to be at the track and not get to race.”

The next event at South Boston Speedway is the URW Fools Rush 262 on Saturday afternoon, April 1. That event will feature the powerful high-horsepower open-wheel Modifieds of the SMART Modified Tour in a 99-lap race. In addition, fans will see twin 71-lap races for the competitors of the Sentara Healthcare Late Model Stock Car Division and a 21-lap race for the Virginia State Police HEAT Hornets Division.

Advance adult general admission tickets for the URW Fools Rush 262 are priced at $17 each and may be purchased online on South Boston Speedway’s website, or by calling the speedway office at 434-572-4947 or toll free at 1-877-440-1540 during regular business hours.

Tickets at the gate on race day will be $20 each. Seniors ages 65 and older, military, healthcare workers, and students (with ID) can purchase tickets for $17 each at the gate on race day.

The tentative URW Fools Rush 262 event-day schedule has frontstretch spectator gates opening at 10:45 a.m. Practice is set to start at 11 a.m., qualifying is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. and the first race of the day is set to get the green flag at 3 p.m.

The latest news and updates from South Boston Speedway can be found on the speedway’s website and through the track’s social media channels. Information may also be obtained by phoning the speedway at 434-572-4947 or toll free at 1-877-440-1540 during regular business hours.

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