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Kvapil, Huffman disqualified; McCarty declared official winner of Thunder Road Harley-Davidson 200

SOUTH BOSTON, VA (July 3, 2023) -- Bobby McCarty has been declared the winner of the July 1 Thunder Road Harley-Davidson 200 presented by Grand Atlantic Ocean Resort at South Boston Speedway as a result of the disqualification of apparent winner Carson Kvapil.

Speedway officials placed the race results in unofficial status following the event as items found in the post-race inspection process were found to be questionable. After a diligent review of the findings of the post-race technical inspection McCarty, the race runner-up, has been declared the race winner.

In addition, Landon Huffman, who finished third in Saturday night’s 200-lap race, has also been disqualified.

McCarty’s win in this past Saturday night’s event is the second win for McCarty in this event in three years. McCarty previously won this event in 2021.

“We never want to have to alter race results after an event, but the integrity of our on-track competition is paramount in our operation and sometimes decisions like these have to be made,” said Jeff Bomar, director of competition for South Boston Speedway.

“Racing is an extremely competitive sport and with that comes innovation and trying to get every ounce of advantage that teams can, and sometimes that innovation unintentionally steps outside the scope of the rule book,” said Chase Brashears, general manager of South Boston Speedway. “We’re extremely appreciative of the professionalism shown by all teams involved in the post-race inspection process and we congratulate official race winner Bobby McCarty.”

During the inspection process, the number 8 car driven by Kvapil, who was originally credited with winning the 200-lap event, was found to have a left rear shock that was out of compliance with the 2023 NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series Rule Book. The shock’s internal piston was the piece deemed as non-compliant.

Huffman, whose number 12 car originally was credited with third place, had a rear-end housing with camber on the left and right axle tubes, which is not permitted per the NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series Rule Book. The car was also found with a left rear spring and shock assembly that was out of compliance.

With the disqualification of Kvapil and Huffman and McCarty being declared the official race winner the official top 10 finishers consist of McCarty, Brenden Queen, Trevor Ward, Landon Pembelton, Jacob Borst, Mason Bailey, Logan Clark, Carter Langley, Brandon Pierce and Stacy Puryear.

The latest news and updates for fans and competitors can be found on the speedway’s website and the track’s social media channels. Information may also be obtained by phoning the speedway at 434-572-4947 or toll free at 1-877-440-1540 during regular business hours.

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