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Winning South Boston's biggest Limited race of season would 'mean the world' to Dawson brothers

SOUTH BOSTON, VA (Aug. 12, 2023) -- For three brothers looking to put a notable accomplishment on their 2023 season, winning the 75-lap Budweiser Limited Sportsman Division race featured as part of the Italian Delight Family Restaurant Night Race event on Saturday night, August 19 at South Boston Speedway would be the biggest victory of their young racing careers.

Drew Dawson, Justin Dawson and Jared Dawson from Nathalie, Virginia say words cannot express what it would mean to them to win the race that will pay $1,500 to the winner.

All three are in the top seven of the division point standings with two races remaining in the track’s points season. Drew Dawson sits in fourth place, Justin Dawson occupies fifth place and Jared Dawson is in seventh place.

Both Drew Dawson and Justin Dawson have posted four Top-5 finishes and 10 Top-10 finishes in their 11 starts this season. Jared Dawson has three Top-5 finishes and eight Top-10 finishes in 11 starts.

“It would mean the world to me and my two brothers if we could get one of these Dawson Motorsports cars into Victory Lane,” remarked Drew Dawson, the oldest of the three brothers. “Hopefully we can pull it off. I’ve won a 50-lap race but have never won a 75-lap race. It would mean the world to me, my family, and sponsors if I could somehow pull it off.”

Justin Dawson, who is in his second season of competition in the Budweiser Limited Sportsman Division, agreed, saying “it would mean the world” if he could win the race.

While he would like nothing more than to win the race, his goal is the most modest of the three brothers.

“Right now, my goal isn’t even to win it, it’s just to survive,” he explained. “My mindset is I want to survive. I want to be running with the top guys, survive the race, and be in a good position at the end. Seventy-five laps is a long race. The $1,500 prize for the winner is quite a bit of money for the Limited Sportsman guys. Everybody’s going to be digging hard to try to win that money and the trophy.”

Jared Dawson, the youngest of the three brothers, is also in his second season competing in the Budweiser Limited Sportsman Division. Like his brothers, his sights are set on winning the race.

“We’re going to go out there and try to win it,” he pointed out. “It would mean the world to win it. It would mean the world to me to win any race. Every race here at South Boston Speedway is tough.”

The three brothers agree that the 75-lap race poses a big challenge.

“It’s definitely going to be hot,” Drew Dawson pointed out. “Your body is going to be sitting there in the car in that heat for a good while. It’s going to be hard to keep your mind focused and hit your marks just right every lap with that many laps. Through the week and on race day I’ll be drinking a lot of water and things to stay hydrated. You’re going to have to get your body ready for it. I hope we can keep the nose of the car clean and bring it home for the win.”

Justin Dawson noted the race will be a challenge from a couple of standpoints.

“It’s a very interesting race,” he said. “I don’t know if I’m ready for it. You’ve got to prep for that kind of race. You’ve got to eat right and be physically ready for 75 laps, especially if they’re hard laps.

“The race is going to bring some predators out,” added Dawson. “It’s going to bring some name drivers in like Kyle Barnes and Eric Winslow that have been dominant here. There will be a strong competitive field of cars for this race. We have a tough field of cars here every race and it is going to be even tougher this race. I hope it brings out the fans and I hope we can put on a good show out there for them.”

Jared Dawson likes the challenge of the 75-lap race.

“It’s good to do something new,” he pointed out. “You’re always learning and getting more experience doing it. It’s going to be tough mentally with the heat on race night. We’re going to have a good field of cars. Every race here at South Boston Speedway is tough. I think you’re going to get some of the better guys coming from different tracks coming here for this race.”

Five races are scheduled for the Italian Delight Family Restaurant Night Race on Saturday night, August 19. A 100-lap race for the Sentara Health Late Model Stock Car Division and the 75-lap race for the Budweiser Limited Sportsman Division that will pay $1,500 to the winner are the featured events of the night.

Also slated are a 25-lap race for the Southside Disposal Pure Stock Division, a 20-lap race for the Virginia State Police HEAT Hornets Division and a 25-lap race for the Southern Ground Pounders Vintage Racing Club.

The August 19 race day schedule has frontstretch spectator gates opening at 3:20 p.m. Practice starts at 3:30 p.m. and qualifying starts at 6 p.m. The first race of the night will get the green flag at 7 p.m.

Advance adult general admission tickets are priced at $12 each and may be purchased online on South Boston Speedway’s website, or by calling the speedway office at 434-572-4947 or toll free at 1-877-440-1540 during regular business hours.

Tickets at the gate on race day will be $15 each. Seniors ages 65 and older, military, healthcare workers, and students (with ID) can purchase tickets for $12 each at the gate on race day.

The latest news and updates about all of South Boston Speedway’s events can be found on the speedway’s website and the track’s social media channels. Information may also be obtained by phoning the speedway at 434-572-4947 or toll free at 1-877-440-1540 during regular business hours.

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